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i said i would post and i'm doing it. however, i can't decide what to write about. the last few days i've had a lot on my mind...things i've said, "hey, i should write about that" or simply things that are happening through living daily life....however, i've lacked the energy or will to actually write anything. and because that energy is still lacking, i'm not sure how much of it will get posted here tonight.
first, i can't believe uga vi is now gone. heart failure. he was a wonderful bulldog and will be missed....but perhaps his offspring will bring good luck as his father did.
second, i had a very relaxing day today. i haven't gone to church in the morning on sundays in a few weeks because i've been at genesis (and i'm not too keen on hearing the same thing twice in one day, no matter how differently it's presented) and i must say that i really enjoy sunday mornings. while i enjoy genesis, i love being connected to the rest of th…

venting and other things

the vent (bear with me):
disclaimer: before i begin, i absolutely love the organization i'm going to mention and none of this takes away from that. and because i don' t want anyone to get a bad picture of this organization, i'm not mentioning any names.
i hate money. i hate having to deal with it and think about it and use it and make it....ugh.
because i'm not currently employed for next year, i've been trying to save money this summer in case i need it. i put a lot of my money in savings this month. because of that, i'm kind of low on money right now and have been waiting for my paycheck this month to come in -- which it does this week. i've been keeping a close (i thought) eye on my money to make sure i wouldn't go over what i have....which was plenty 'til i got paid.....
the reason for this post? what i didn't realize was that a $300 check i wrote on JUNE 1 hadn't been cashed yet. $300! i'm sorry, it's almost a month later....that&…

lazy sundays

i love sundays because they are generally (not always) quite relaxing. for example, this is what i did today:

*slept in, because i was planning to go to genesis (therefore, making church in the morning a no)
*baked some muffins
*finally finished the puzzle i've been working on (and i'm only missing one piece!)
*read the living section of the paper (the only part i read -- i love miss manners :))
*postsecret!!! (one of my favorite parts of sunday)
*watched part of a movie
*hung up my laundry (and realized i'm several hangers short from what i need when all my clothes are clean!) *while watching gilmore girls
*spent some relaxing reading time
*went to genesis/ reunion
*barnes and noble -- bought a book, got some hot chocolate, and sat outside to write while the sun was setting

now, i realize that while that is a relaxing day (for me, at least), it isn't the most exciting day in the history of the world. but i have come to realize that my life is not always (or even a lot of the tim…


so....i feel like i should have a lot to say, but i guess i really don' here's some randomness....

i have realized that after college, it is hard to keep up with friends. people move to lots of different places and everyone is spread out. this also goes for the friends you make after college because life is not the same. things change -- jobs, cities, etc. my friend becky and i have been playing phone tag for the last few days trying to find a time to talk to each other and catch up. hopefully, we'll actually "tag" each other at the same time. however, as hard as it is to keep up with people who are far away, it is even harder when people don't return phone calls. over and over again. i could look at this as a sign that these friends are trying to tell me something, but i'm not that, i know that these people are busy and occassionally forgetful.....i love them, as well, and so i'm going to continue trying until we are able to s…

a little randomness

my sister has a blog. this is a recent development, but she's a great writer and i recommend you read it. look for "anna" on the side under places to see.
i'm really tired right now, and i don't know why....i'm not really doing anything to make me tired, but it's only 8 and i could definitely go to sleep right now....
i've discovered that one of the benefits of being a teacher is that you get paid during the summer for doing absolutely nothing....this really is a great system....except when you don't have a job the next year and feel the need to save every expendable dollar you're getting so you have something to live on.....this makes summer a little less fun :( i've occassionally looked for other jobs, but i still don't even know where to begin.....i'm one of those people who like to have an idea of where she's headed or what she's doing before she seriously starts to look for a new job....why? here are some reasons: 1) i don…

psalm 55:22

yes, i realize i'm posting twice in one day, but i needed to share this... on my way home from jgroup tonight i was thinking about some stuff that i was tired of thinking about and decided to send a text message to some friends i haven't talked to in awhile (really, in an effort to keep from thinking about things, probably) that simply said something about having a good week. just a little pick-me-up message in the middle of the week (i love getting stuff like that, don't you?). anyway, i sent one to Lauren (a sweetheart), one of the jgroup girls who wasn't able to come tonight. minutes later, i get one back from her that said she was good and how was jgroup....typical responses.....except that it also said "PSALM 55:22." obviously i was curious, but i was driving so there wasn't much chance to look it up. i did it anyway. the light in the car went on and at stop signs and red lights i looked for this verse. finding it, this is what it says: Cast your burde…


so...before i went to camp i spent a day organizing all my scrapbooking stuff and my pictures, etc. well, i decided i was going to print them all out and fill up all the empty frames sitting around my room, as well as finish all the scrapbooks from the trips i've been on in the past year or so.
this is a daunting task.
just when i think i've got it under control, something else will come to light that i need/ would like to do. plus, i've realized that getting all those pictures printed is going to be wicked expensive. the pictures from my israel trip alone would be 70. my jamaica pictures from this year would be 100. and i've got about 18 cds full of pictures from school this year -- which means that just printing my pictures from school would cost over 200 at least.
i know it doesn't sound like a lot, but since i'm not working next year (as of yet) i feel the need to save more than i usually would. which is turning out to be harder than expected.
however, i kno…


after spending a week with 300 middle and high schoolers in myrtle beach, i'm home. we left early monday morning for the baywatch resort on myrtle beach. the theme for the week was "disturbed". as in, being disturbed by and for God in our love for Him, our love for others and our love for the Kingdom. i really think a lot of the students were impacted and a lot fo good relationships were formed. i'm glad i went -- it was a good week. besides being able to spend a lot of time at the beach, i got to spend some time with some awesome students and leaders.
coming home, though, was difficult. not leaving the camp to come home, but when i got home i was really frustrated. i partially know why, but i was just frustrated with being at home. i really need to go somewhere. i strongly feel it's time for me to leave. i don't think i'll be able to survive very well if i stay here much longer. that said, i guess it all depends on where God wants me to live.
i wouldn…