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so, i've been spending some time in isaiah lately...partly because i never have, but also partly because i'm doing breaking free by beth moore and she uses a lot of isaiah in the study.
anyway, today i read isaiah 51, and thought i would share it with you...

isaiah 51:1-16 Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness, Who seek the LORD: Look to the rock from which you were hewn And to the quarry from which you were dug. "Look to Abraham your father And to Sarah who gave birth to you in pain; When he was but one I called him, Then I blessed him and multiplied him." Indeed, the LORD will comfort Zion; He will comfort all her waste places And her wilderness He will make like (I)Eden, And her desert like the garden of the LORD; Joy and gladness will be found in her, Thanksgiving and sound of a melody. "Pay attention to Me, O My people, And give ear to Me, O My nation; For a law will go forth from Me, And I will set My justice for a light of the peoples. "My righteousness is near…

pictures part 6...and it's the end

happenings around the j for the last few months...

we celebrated purim by making the characters and dressing up in costumes!
we had passover
we played on the playground a lot and enjoyed the tire swing
we taught our kids yoga for the letter "y"
and we ended the year with a trip to the zoo!

pictures part 5

wedding season!!
first, gini and payton!
and then, lawton and beth!!

pictures part 4

a trip to ga...
picnic on the river with the fam...
followed by dinner at cracker barrel!
hanging out with the cousins
my grandparents!
aunt patsy and aunt nora
my little cousins...jackson and reagan
and lunch with heather!

part 3

baltimore happenings part 2

the car sitting outside my apartment, named "the judge"
honfest!! people dressed up! the lemon stick i enjoyed and the band that played me with elvis!!
lightning bugs at the park
gorgeous sky scene at the park

pictures part 2

the last set were pictures of trips i took during the winter. here are pics of baltimore happenings since february....
the st. patrick's day parade

celebrating the first day of spring with a free rita's!
and springy truffles
the kinetic sculpture race


so, the moving process has least the first half anyway. our old apartment is now empty and clean. all that's left to do is turn in the keys and take the wireless stuff back to comcast, both of which will be done today. we're settled (temporarily) with friends until permanent situations can be found.
in the meantime, here are some pictures of life. and i just realized that the last time i really posted pictures was in january, during all our, let's see if i can catch you up...
we went to the beach... the snow
then i went to d.c....
to see the cherry blossoms

with my wonderful friend jill
and we saw julia child's kitchen