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(imagine that sung in a silly way b/c that's how i said it in my head as i typed it).

i have serious motivation problems right now.
earlier today, i was rocking it when it came to writing my paper. now? complete lack of focus. 

so in the spirit of procrastination, here's a list!
1. the weather lately has been beautiful. i'm still a little burned from the saturday afternoon study session at the park.
2. 1 more month of school (approximately). praise the Lord. 
3. i'm kind of glad i haven't read or seen the hunger games. 
4. i need to put away my winter clothes. 
5. i made kool-aid today. it made me feel like a kid again.
6. the bushes downstairs smell like honeysuckle. i lean in and take a deep breath every time i walk by because they remind me of home. 

4.5 more pages and a handout to go and i'll be finished.
anyone think i can get it done by 1? 
here's hoping :)