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postsecret is a favorite blog of mine.
i read it every sunday.
but lately, there haven't been a lot of secrets that i really loved.
until today.

isn't this just so sweet???

ah, the holiday season

now that thanksgiving is over, it's official that it's christmas!
this means:

christmas movies and music
holiday drinks and food and such
gift giving
colder weather

which should all make me say yay!!!!

but right now, i'm simply not feeling it.
i'm not sure why.
i just am not in a christmas-y mood.
i decorated a little bit yesterday, but today?
the christmas spirit is not in me.

sad. :(

thankful for....

thanksgiving break!!!

i plan to....
go through some of my stuff that's still in piles in the garage
make applesauce....yep. from scratch. homemade.
see friends who are in town
eat lots of yummy food
sleep late
hang out with the family
read books

what are you doing???

a life update

i had a friend email me to tell me she saw something about me having a job through the comments here on the little blog and had no idea what i was doing.
and then i realized that it's been a long time since i simply updated y'all on life.
so here goes.

the last time i updated at all about this, i was still unemployed from the move back to the atl from good old bmore.
sometime towards the end of september, i went to charleston to see some friends, go to the beach, and look for a job or something (i was pretty convinced that was where i was headed). the trip, however, confirmed for me that charleston, however lovely and wonderful and fun, was not where i was going. but while i was there, i was given the number of a guy to call who was looking for a director for an after-school program/apartment ministry here in the suburbs of atl. i called him and got an interview.
after about a month of interviews and observations and tests, i wasn't offered the position. i was however, offered…

picture time!

thank goodness it's friday!
and i haven't done a friday favorites post in a long time, so before i get to the pictures, here's my friday favorites for the last several weeks:
*having beauty and the beast on dvd!
*it's cold outside :)
*the holiday season is upon us
*being provided with a job...or two or three
*living near enough to family that when something awesome happens, i can join the celebration
*free work done when the car freaks out

and now...halloween goodness!

the pumpkin i carved....isn't he friendly looking??
and here he is all lit up!
after we carved the pumpkin, i was going to roast the seeds and make the pumpkin into muffins. sadly, my brain wasn't working really well, so the seeds caramelized and hardened to the pan. the pan met its death that day.
 halloween decor!  isn't this towel so cute??
and lastly, my halloween hot chocolate! don't you love how the little ghost-mallow is kind of waving to you from on top of the whipped cream?
and before i go toda…

a few random tidbits....

1. it is finally chilly enough here to be fall!

2. i'm glad election season is over. really tired of listening to all those blasted political ads.

3. while sitting in meetings today, i looked at my hands to discover they were blue. assuming it was transfer of dye from my jeans, i didn't really think a lot about it. until i got halfway home and saw that they were no longer blue, but normal colored. my hands were blue because i was so cold!!! i don't think that has ever happened before, and that's really saying something.

4. i miss my kids from the j.