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...i've cried at hairspray, a hannah montana commercial, and during the closing ceremonies of the olympics.

speaking of the olympics, way to go canada! the opening to this ceremony was wonderful -- poking fun at themselves! since the first try at lighting the indoor torch didn't work so well, they had a clown/mime come out and pretend to fix it, the torch came up and the lady who didn't get to light the torch during the opening ceremonies lit it tonight. how fun! the part of the show where they showed the hometown of the georgian luger who passed was so sad. so, so sad. i enjoyed watching the highlights of the games nbc showed b/c there were several things i didn't get to see because i fell asleep :)
congrats, olympians! thanks for being so dedicated and inspiring!

i also have been enjoying the commercials for this marriage ref show and for the parenthood show that are both going to premiere this week. i want to see them both and see if they'll be worth watching.


meet goofus.

as he was christened by my sister.

know why?

a lesson i learned yesterday

e: (after burping in class) did you know there are different sizes of burps? the less you drink, the less you burp.
me: yeah?
e: i didn't even learn that in science class. i learned it from my own burps.


e: my grandpa is really smart. just like God.

oh, wow. the things i'm told and taught during the day.

goodness gracious

y'all, do you ever have one of those days? goodnight, today at school just about did me in.
don't get me wrong, i love my kids. love them. but sometimes, they send me home with a headache, digging into the ice cream.

see, i have some friends. some lovable, amazing, smart, but beyond challenging friends. like, drive me crazy challenging. about 1/4 of them (which, in a class of less than 20, is a pretty significant number). and on top of them, there are probably another 1/4 who could join the antics of the others in pretty wonderful ways at any moment. so about half the class keeps us constantly on our toes. but those first ones? it's a given that at least once (and more likely, twice or more) during the day, each one of them will flip their switch and go from amazing to "take the kid out of the class now". i'm pretty much never surprised when i walk in the door of the classroom.

but there's this one friend of mine. who is absolutely precious. the best smile…


1. yesterday was the first nice day we've had in was positively amazing! around 40 (so,not bitterly cold :)), blue skies, snow melting!!!, and i even heard the birds singing as i was walking around...the wonders a little sunshine and blue skies can do for a girl...

2. the olympics are still on. sadly, my schedule this week has made me super tired, and i've fallen asleep earlier than i would have liked some nights. however, i have these thoughts:
*shaun white is absolutely incredible.
*and so is apollo ohno.
*the pairs figure skating was wonderful. i know the chinese team won (and they have a great story, by the way), and they did a great job, but i really liked the german team. their performance was so emotional and romantic and full of passion and trust.
*lindsey vonn did an amazing job with the downhill. and she won! she was so happy, she started crying. but after all the injuries she'd been through, she deserved a little crying in celebration. sadly, she didn&…

it's that time again...

olympics season is here!
i love the olympics...really. love them. like, since i don't have a dvr now will probably stay up way later than i should to watch certain events (because during the last summer olympics, i taped most of it and watched it during normal, reasonable hours). i haven't always been a fan. i didn't really have a huge interest growing up, even when they were in atlanta. i don't think i understood them or appreciated them.
but the olymipcs are beautiful. people from all over the world coming together. interacting both through competition and watching the competitions. athletes giving everything they have. it's amazing.

the opening ceremonies were on friday. if i were vancouver, i might have been a tad nervous about following beijing's opening ceremonies, because they did such a great job.
but oh. my. goodness.
these ceremonies were fantastic! the way they used the light and projectors to show canada (um...the ice breaking up? the whales that swam…

the end of the pictures

#1 before christmas...
the little bus that couldn't :(
snow #2: the end of january the partially frozen pond at patterson

mean teeth on the tug boat
snow #3: feb 6-7 my back porch
out the front door
i love the snow in the trees
giant snow man

gorgeous sunset over the snowy harbor...

i've decided that i'm going to need to do the picture thing on a more regular basis so that i don't end up posting tons on one day....oh well...

still more pictures

christmas and part of winter....
the christmas welcome sign i made.... but there's supposed to be an ornament where the 'o' goes... i opened the door too hard and broke it :(
the lighting of the washington monument in bmore
my birthday sign
just a few days after my bday, i totalled my car...
i decided to make my own tortilla chips one night
and i made potato soup...
and cinnamon rolls during the blizzard...they were yummy! it's been a cooking month forme :)

more pictures

other events throughout the fall....

the football watching party we had at the jones's apartment for the first uga game!
maria and susan came to visit!!
i made marshmallow pops on's frakenstein!
and his friend, jack-o-lantern....
derek and kristina had a halloween are the girls!
cowgirl tracy and me
the thanksgiving turkey welcome sign i made for our door.  i think he's cute :)
meg had a conference in town and so we got to see each other!


i realized it has been months since i last posted pictures on here, so here are some visual aids in the form of several posts... first, the baltimore book festival!!

the tour we took of places famous literary people from bmore lived and worked....
some places on the tour....
the most beautiful room in all of baltimore (that i've seen, that is)... the peabody library
the belvedere hotel
the house where emily post grew up
we met edgar allen poe! we even took the literary tour with us...
the author of skippy jon jones reading her story in the children's tent
the book festival was one of the best festivals we went to in the city....can't wait til this year's!!

a list of snowstorm essentials

ok, well, maybe these things aren't all essential. but some of them are.
here in baltimore we had a pretty massive snowstorm hit us -- more snow than this ga girl has ever seen in her life before. and we're bracing for another round tonight and into tomorrow.
i love snow. truly. and it may be because i grew up in a place where rain was prevalent, but snow was not.
and where i grew up, the mere mention of snow sent everyone to the store to stock up.
as i've learned, snow does that here too.
safeway has been jam packed full for the last week or so with everyone gearing up for these blizzards.
i'm proud to say that i only had to join them once.
but in the midst of these storms, i've discovered there are a few things one should have when you're snowed in.

1. baking supplies. yes, this includes the obligatory milk and eggs. there's something about snow that makes you want warm baked goodies.

2. frozen pizza. or pizza making ingredients. because you're inevitably…
we're blizzarding (yep, i just made that word up...i like it) outside right now. while the snow is coming down, i thought i'd take this time to let y'all see what my days are like sometimes through things i hear and interactions i have....

enjoy :)

we've been preparing for a lot of snow this weekend all week long. at the j one day, we were talking to one of our friends and told him that we might get a lot of snow this weekend -- so much, in fact, that it might be taller than him. we asked him how he'd be able to go would he walk places?
he looked at us, with complete seriousness, said: "hmm....that might be tricky"

today, while the kiddos were trying unsuccessfully to fall asleep, the other teachers and i were talking about a student in our class(through spelling and not naming names) who gives us a lot of problems (and who i absolutely love). we were discussing ways to handle some of the behaviors we see when the little kid (who was behind me)…