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so, i was bored and took one of those stupid quizzes online.
this one was "what part of fall are you?"
the result:
"you are changing leaves. pretty, but soon dead."

i'm not really sure how i feel about that. it can be taken so many different ways....
it's been a little more than a week.
i've not forgotten about my dear old blog.
but i have been doing a lot of thinking.
and thanking. and reflecting. and so on.

maybe i'll share soon.

lots of love.

oh my goodness!!!

so, i saw this little italian bakery while driving the other day. i just looked it up online to find out more about it and discovered that the owner is credited with the invention of tiramisu!
while i was already going to check it out, it's a definite in my near future...


i love when i bake something, and think i've done a really good job of keeping myself clean but then i see myself in the mirror and find batter all over my clothes :)

i can't believe it is july...

i also can't believe that in about 3 weeks my friend sarah will be getting married. and that in about 2 weeks, i'll be back in ga for a week....

the fourth of july is saturday. almost everyone else in the world has tomorrow off. because it's, you know, a national holiday. but not me. i'll be at work tomorrow. with the 3 kids whose parents decide to bring to camp.

i've been in a decorating mood lately. it's wonderful to make things look nice and homey, but not so wonderful to the budget :)

i really, really like the wizard of oz....