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all day today, all i've wanted to do is take a really big blanket and something hot to drink and curl up. now, finally, i am....sort of, anyway :)

i have a confession. i just saw hsm 3....yes, really. and i'm only a little embarrassed to admit it. i wasn't sure what to expect, but it far exceeded expectations. however, i think one thing that made it so enjoyable was watching it with my sister and being able to laugh with her at the cheesiness of the movie and the reactions of the others in the theater. for example, almost everytime troy came on the, screen, the girls in the audience would gasp or say, "oh my goodness, he's gorgeous!" or something of the sort. so, my sister knew this would happen and decided she would lead the pack. the first time they showed the kid on the screen, anna says, "zac efron!" in this high, squeally? voice and all the other girls joined right in. oh, fun times. all in all, it was worth it, i guess.

i drive up to baltimore o…

i love to read

and most of you know it. recently this is evidenced by the fact that i'm reading "how to read literature like a professor" (thomas foster) for the pure enjoyment of it. this is a book that is used in many classes and courses to help students become better readers and interpreters of literature. now, for those of you who don't like this kind of thing, you're probably thinking something along the lines of, "wow, that girl is a little nutty." well, you'd be right, probably. but i'm actually enjoying this book, and although i'm still in the beginning of it, totally recommend it to each of you :)

the second chapter is titled 'nice to eat with you: acts of communion'. in this chapter, foster discusses how meal scenes are used in literature and talks about how every meal is an act of communion. he says that many times his students disagree at first because simply eating a meal with someone doesn't seem quite the same as communion in the …

a slight smattering

so, it's been awhile since i last wrote....sorry to the three of you who read this :)a lot has happened since then, so here are some random bits from my life:

anna and ray's gallery is up on altmix photography....check it out! just click on the pic that says "anna and ray". thanks kate and matt! you're awesome!

i'm moving to baltimore! there have been a lot of things that i've said on here about events in my future, being unsure about what was going to happen, etc. i didn't want to say on here til more was known. there's still a lot that i don't know, but i know these things: i'm moving. i have a job at the jewish community center and i start on nov. 3. i'll be up there with gallery church baltimore. i know this is where God wants me. and i'm super excited.
apartment hunting is interesting. enough said.
i love cold weather. i spent much of this weekend bundled up as much as i could be with what i took with me...scarves, jackets, socks.…

little reminders

a couple of posts ago i mentioned how there were a lot of things in my life that i needed some prayer about. basically, i said, i needed God to come through in a big way.
i'm a worrier by nature, so when i think about all these things, i can get way overwhelmed and stressed.
last night, while i was doing a little devotion time, i was reading in deuteronomy. that may be a little random, but i've really felt drawn to read the book lately. anyway, i was reading deuteronomy 7. the first part of the chapter is moses telling the israelites not to intermarry and to keep the commands of the Lord. the second part was titled, "promises of God." it was all wonderful but these verses spoke to me:
7:17 if you should say in your heart, 'these nations are greater than i; how can i disposess them?' you shall not be afraid of them; you shall remember what the Lord your God did...

7:21-23 you shall not dread them, for the Lord your God is in your midst, a great and awesome…

loving these songs....

embracing accusation, by shane and shane

the father of lies
coming to steal
kill and destroy
all my hopes of being good enough
i hear him saying cursed are the ones
who can’t abide
he’s right
alleluia he’s right!

the devil is preaching
the song of the redeemed
that I am cursed and gone astray
i cannot gain salvation
embracing accusation

could the father of lies
be telling the truth
of God to me tonight?
if the penalty of sin is death
then death is mine
i hear him saying cursed are the ones
who can’t abide
he’s right
alleluia he’s right!

oh the devil’s singing over me
an age old song
that I am cursed and gone astray
singing the first verse so conveniently
he’s forgotten the refrain

Jesus saves!

second chance, by hillsong united

you called my name
reached out Your hand
restored my life
and i was redeemed

the moment You entered my life
amazing grace
Christ gave that day
my life was changed
when from my shoulders
fell the weight of my sin

so it’s with everything i am
i reach out for Your hand
the hope for change
the second chance

so much

my sister is married. it was a beautiful day and everything went smoothly. friday and saturday were incredibly busy and at the end of it, i was so tired. but really happy. saturday was a great day. not only did anna get married, but there were a lot of friends at the wedding i hadn't seen in awhile. it was wonderful to see y'all again! i can't wait to see everyone's pictures :)

today, i went to return the tuxes with my mom and afterwards, she wanted to go to kohl's. while we were in kohl's, i dropped my phone. i didn't really think a lot of it because i've dropped it before and nothing has happened. but i was not so lucky this time. nope. the screen on my phone is completely blank, which means that i can't get any texts at all (well, i can get them, but i can't read them). and wouldn't you know it, i've gotten 2 in the last couple of hours. i tried to respond to them by remembering where all the buttons were, but i don't think i got …