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an update

i'm soo undecided about a lot of things.

there's a girl i work with who seems to really dislike me a lot of the time for some reason i don't know. today, i walked into work and she said, "i'm going to need you to actually help me today." to which i replied, "i always actually help you." and then stared at her as she continued to talk. maybe not the best response, but i wasn't rude in the way i said it and i was tired. it is a frustrating situation.

i want to go on a trip.

i've done a lot of research on mayday this week, and there are actually some pretty fun traditions for the holiday. which i will share with you later, because i'm indulging in one of them and can't share right now.

our farmer's market starts this sunday!!

b/c our farmer's market starts this sunday, i'm waiting to buy some of my food til then and so i'm faced with not a lot of food in my house. and nothing i want to eat. except things i can't have. bla…

song #2

and here's the second song

"words and music"
sondre lerche

you be words, and i'll be music

ain't you heard, that's how they do it?
you're a poem when you're on your own
i'll try not to get in your way
but of all the poems i have known, baby, you give me something to say

i'll be words, and you'll be music
i concur, i can't refuse it
you're a sad little tune by yourself
so lovely i wanna sing along
if there's one thing i know i can tell, when we get together we're a song

whenever i'm with you it's true it's
everything you say and do it's
words & music, you & i

listen here, i've gotta say it
it's so clear, the way we should play it
i will carry you, together we'll float through the sky
we can marry too, together just look at us fly

whenever i'm with you it's true it's
everything you say and do it's
words & music, you & i

when we fight it's rock & roll
when we mak…


hello :)

it's going to be a wonderful saturday, i believe....
i just wanted to share 2 songs i really love right now...

"your hands"
jj heller

i have unanswered prayers

i have trouble i wish wasn’t there
and i have asked a thousand ways
that You would take my pain away
You would take my pain away

i am trying to understand
how to walk this weary land
make straight the paths that crooked lie
oh Lord, before these feet of mine
oh Lord, before these feet of mine

when my world is shaking, heaven stands
when my heart is breaking
i never leave your hands

when you walked upon the earth
You healed the broken, lost and hurt
i know You hate to see me cry
one day You will set all things right
yeah, one day You will set all things right

when my world is shaking, heaven stands
when my heart is breaking
i never leave your hands

Your hands that shaped the world
are holding me
they hold me still

**i know this song makes it sound as though i'm upset or feeling that my world is shaking, but really...i just like…

so many....

thoughts in my head and feelings in my heart, that is...
oh, so many...

i've tried for a few weeks to be able to put words to them, to share with y'all and such, but i can't put the right words with them to make them coherent. there are, in fact, a few unfinished blogs sitting around waiting to be published, but it never seems quite right to post them. like they aren't ready. or i'm not ready. either way, they sit, unfinished, unpublished.

and i guess that means i'm still sifting through all the thoughts and feelings, deciphering what they mean, trying to make sense of them to myself.

so i sit. and wait. and think. and sit, wait and think some more. and some more.

and i have no idea where all this sitting and waiting and thinking is going to take me.

but i guess that's ok.

"have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and to try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. don't …

just a short note...

to say these things:

1) i dislike driving. period. at all.

2) i HATE driving at night.

3) i had a lot of time to think today and it was good.

4) i wish that there was some sort of fairy who would unpack for me after trips...or an easy button would work too :)

goals for the week...

so, this week i'm in ga.
i've got a wedding this weekend and had some time off from work this week due to passover, so i just came for the whole week.
there are things i had planned for the week:

spending time with family
hanging out with friends 
getting everything together to hopefully teach in the city next year
fixing my microsoft word
backing up/organizing all my pictures and music
getting plans for summer camp job ready
getting some grocery-type things for cheaper than i can in the city
doing nothing

so far, i've accomplished a few of them....i think i always plan far too much to do when i have these breaks from reality....
but it's's been a good week and it's going to stay that way :)

i'm sorry....what?

actual conversation i had in the safeway parking lot yesterday:

i'm leaving safeway and walking through the parking lot to my car. j
random guy: you're from ga? (b/c he's standing right next to my car and saw the license plate)
me: yes.
random guy: ah, you look like a georgia peach, that's for sure.
me: nervous laughter as i get in my car

really? really?
i'm pretty sure he meant it as a compliment, but i wasn't aware that girls from georgia had a specific look....did i miss something?

oh, baltimore....