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favorite things...thursday?

it's not friday.
but seeing as how i'll be driving all day tomorrow and then heading out to celebrate a friend's birthday, i knew i wouldn't be able to post this.
plus, i missed last week due to no internet connection and, you know, being at the beach...

so here we go...

the beach!
old friends
new friends
cooking and baking
city uprising!
good books

pretty, pretty

isn't this just such a romantic picture??
(classic bride)

overheard in...

things i've heard over the last couple of weeks that have made me laugh, think, hurt, or all of the above.....

"water for sale! sprite, coke, water, pcp, crack cocaine, shrooms!"  (heard at the bus stop during artscape)

"i tell them all the time, 'honey, i know you're straight, but have some rubbers and play safe. just play safe, honey'." (heard outside a bar while passing out flyers for hiv/aids testing)

"it's soo fuzzy i'm going to die!! (quote from despicable me)

"i mean, 23, that's like, pretty old. i mean, i don't want to say it's old, but i mean..." (heard on the beach in charleston, said by a girl who was also discussing celebrating her 21st birthday)

4th of july!

y'all know i love holidays. a reason to celebrate? cook? decorate? dress up? i'm mostly all for it :)
i wasn't really expecting a lot out of this particular holiday, however. there wasn't a lot going on and i wasn't really feeling like the stuff that was. so tracy and i went to ft. mchenry where they had some old timey stuff going on. we heard them read the declaration and shoot off the cannon. then i headed down to the pier at fells with some friends where we watched the fireworks last year, preceded by the always incredible pitango gelato. after the 4th, we ended up at the house of a friend of derek and kristina's. i'm not usually really up for meeting new people and hanging out with those i don't know, but can i just say? so. much. fun.

anyway, here are some pics from the festivities!

the day began with red, white, and blue muffins,
a tradition started by my momma when i was little...

ft. mchenry

reading the declaration
shooting off the cannon and the guns

favorite things friday

finally being done with packing and boxes and least for a little while
that it's light outside until late
friends who let you live in their house
fun theme days at work
concerts in the park
talks with friends and family