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i struggle with trust.

i used to think i was a very trusting person.  and i am. if you're a stranger. i generally trust you not to hurt me.  i expect that you are safe to be around. (for the most part. though i do basically feel safe everywhere and will go places other people think will get me in trouble, and despite the opinions of others, i do have warning bells that tell me when i don't need to be somewhere. i think they just take longer to go off than with other people, or they register potential danger differently). i'm also more likely to tell someone i don't know more personal stuff. weird.
anyway, i pretty much trust most people.

and on the surface, i trust the people i know, too.  but more often than not, i'll have trouble trusting you with the big things. the things that stay inside.  that you don't really want anyone to know.  that you sometimes don't even want to acknowledge yourself. the things that make you feel vulnerable and exposed even thinking about o…