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On What's Next

It's becoming a theme, apparently, that I only write here sporadically. Mostly because I'm not sure I really have anything to say. This week, however, I feel a blog post is needed, simply because of current life events (and I make no promises about future posts).

I just graduated from New Orleans Seminary with a degree in Missions. (For the record, my desire is not necessarily to do overseas missions, but to do urban and inner city missions.) And with events like graduation come questions like, "So what's next?" 

The answer? I don't know.  I have no clue what the next step is, where I'll be living, what I'll be doing, or really anything along those lines. 
There are so many options I have considered: PhD, staying in New Orleans and working, moving to Atlanta, planting somewhere completely new, working in a non-profit, working for a church, doing something in social advocacy, going back into the classroom, international missions. And on and on. Each of…