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it's because i'm five now....

everyday when the kiddos wake up from nap, we have snack time. usually, it falls under the pretzels/cheezits/nilla wafers variety, so there aren't very many complaints. we have a couple kids who never eat anything, but other than that, all of them are pretty good about eating whatever it is that has been chosen for them that day. and they're even pretty good about at least trying the things that we cook with them once a week.

yesterday, we had nutrigrain bars. in the offensive red color (raspberry). apple, they love. raspberry usually gets a lot of complaints.
in fact, one of my boys almost pitched a fit about it. we were about to have a kicking match between said boy and a chair. along with a lot of angry-noise making and tears.
r looked up at me and said: i don't like this color.
me: well, you don't have to eat it, sweetheart, but this is our snack for the day. there isn't another choice (which sounds a little harsh i guess, but that's what we have to tell the…


happy first day of spring!!

a revelation?

happy st. patrick's day!

y'all....i'm loving this weather we're having.
i mean, the first day of spring is saturday (which means lots of amazing things, including the fact that rita's is free on saturday) and today our temps are in the 60s. the 60s!!!
the sky is blue, the sun is out, and spring is right around the corner. stellar.

so, with this new wonderful weather, we've had off and on throughout march, i think i'm discovering i have a tad bit (major case?) of that seasonal affective disorder, otherwise known as sad. ironically enough, it makes you sad. don't get me wrong, i like snow. and cold weather (scarves? sweaters? fireplaces? yes!). but oh how my mood drops drastically during the winter. this winter was h.a.r.d. in more ways than one, and while i think outside circumstances (totalled car, way too much snow all at one time, working far too much) contributed, i've realized that a lot of my emotions and my moods and how depressed i felt and my …

apparently, i'm southern....

at the j our lessons and topics and such are based on the letter we're doing that week. and in the afternoon, we're in charge of cooking one day a week.
well, next week is the letter "b" and we were trying to think of something to make that started with the letter b...and were coming up with everything standard, like things with blueberries (and believe me, trying to get creative with some of these letters for a class of 4 and 5 year olds can be difficult).
so, i thought, "butter! let's make butter!"
to which the other teacher in the room said, "wow, you really are southern."
although, i think this was also because i made the kids eat grits, we made homemade biscuits, and i almost cooked okra with them, and also taught them all about georgia for 'g' week. in fact, one of my parents told me that he took his kids to five guys (where they have peanuts) and his daughter said, "do they also have peaches? and coke? are we in georgia?&quo…

the weekend :)

so, this weekend was pretty wonderful.

friday night, we went to see alice in wonderland. i've wanted to see this movie from the time i heard it was coming out. but i wasn't expecting a whole lot because i hadn't heard great reviews and i knew it wasn't a remake of the book, but a continuation of the story (and really, how do you continue a story written by a guy like lewis carroll and do it well?). however, whatever critics were saying it wasn't so great didn't really watch the movie.
it was a beautifully made movie with a really amazing story.
i'll have to post more about it later, but my favorite line of the whole movie was by the mad hatter (played exceptionally well by johnny depp):
"you've lost your muchness. in there. you're less muchier than you were before."

on saturday, i went to see a play that i've wanted to see for ages:

i saw one of the musical numbers at the macy's parade or the tony awards or something like that when it f…

this show

is one that you should watch. it's nbc's new show parenthood, and the premiere was tuesday night. i was expecting a sitcom, but what i got was an hour long drama/funny show about families and relationships. it was absolutely wonderful.
**if you want to watch the show, then you may need to stop reading. i might spoil some of it for you.**
the premise of the show is that lauren graham (who i loved in gilmore girls) is a mother with 2 teens who is moving back into her parents' house due to money problems. she is one of 4 siblings: 2 brothers, 2 sisters. one of the brothers (who seemed to be the one they all went to) works, his wife stays at home and they have a son who is a little distant, having trouble in school, not really interested in a lot. throughout the course of the show, he and his wife discover that the son has aspergers. the other brother isn't married, but living with his girlfriend, who is wanting more commitment than he is. he seems to be kind of a mess. durin…