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The Lost Things

Before you begin, know that the ending of this writing surprised me. I wasn't initially planning on writing about social issues or society's lost things -- just my own. And even in writing this, I feel the need to preface it with a disclaimer: I'm still figuring out what this means, and how this is reflected in my own life. Still figuring out how God can -- and will -- use me to help recover these lost things. Thanks for reading. With love, Brooke

Last week, I texted my sister:

"I'm bored with my clothes. I need a new style." 

She enthusiastically agreed to help me discover a new style, but she helped me realize that "a new style" is not actually what I wanted -- I just needed new clothes. She pointed out to me that all the clothes I was showing her I liked were pretty much the same as they have been for awhile, but that what she thought I was really after was getting back to dressing up again. You used to wear dresses all the time, she said, and I thi…