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when i'm 30

we're doing an autobiography project in class. one of the pieces of the project is where the kids talk about their future goals: will they go to college? where? if not, why? what do you want to do? why? etc.
they also have to write about their life when they are 30. what will they be doing? will they be married and have kids? what will their job be?

they were writing them today, and i thoroughly enjoyed reading them, so i thought i would share some of the things they wrote or said.

"i want to be a lawyer. because i like being all up in everyone's business all the time. and i want to be on tv. the show will be called 'judge bs'." (said by a girl whose initials are l. b-s.)

"i'm going to be a pro soccer player. but when i'm 30 i'm going to work at McDonald's because my soccer career will be over."

kid: what do you go to college for if you want to work at ruby tuesday?
me: well, what do you want to do at ruby tuesday?
kid: be a waitress.
me: …

video and a quote

videi watched this video this afternoon, and it was so wonderful, i wanted to share! this is also the first time i've figured out how to include a video in a post, so i hope it works :)

made me teary :)

and here's a quote i read the other day. it's from a sermon given by george w. truett in 1920:

God does not raise up a nation to go strutting selfishly, forgetful of the high interests of humanity. national selfishness leads to destruction as truly as does individual selfishness. nations can no more live to themselves than can individuals. humanity is bound up together in the big bundle of life. the world is now one big neighborhood. there are no longer any hermit nations. national isolation is no longer possible in the earth. the markets of the world instantly register every commercial change. an earthquake in asia is at once registered in washington city. the people on one side of the world may not dare be indifferent to the people on the other side. every man of us is call…

to do lists

update: all that's left of this to-do list is taking test #2 and correcting the research paper!

as a lover of to-do lists, i thought i might make one for the next two weeks.

take internet class test 1 -- done!!
write a lesson plan -- done!!
write a paper about said lesson plan -- done!!
write a research paper -- done!!
turn research paper in to an analyzing website -- done!!
correct said paper, then turn in to professor
read about 200 pages for internet class -- done!!
take internet class test 2
do laundry -- done (thanks to my mom, who took all the laundry in the house to the laundromat when the dryer broke)!!
finish cleaning -- done!!
pack -- done!!
travel to new orleans and back -- done!!
other things i can't remember b/c i don't know where my calendar is at the moment...
not. go. crazy.
remember to smile :)