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or have you forgotten....

so, today i made some really stinkin' awesome oreo rice krispies. i got the recipe from annie's eats, one of the many food blogs i read. not only do they look scrumptious, they taste it, too. very chocolatey and very rich. but oh so good.

right now i'm watching prince caspian.
there's a part in the middle of the movie where they are trying to decide whether or not to invade miraz's castle. one of the soldier's says that he will die fighting, if necessary. lucy speaks up and there's an exchange between her and peter that goes something like this:
lucy: that's what i'm worried about.
peter: what?
lucy: you're all acting as though there are only 2 options -- dying here, or dying there.
peter: i'm not sure you've really been listening, lu.
lucy: no, you're not listening. or have you forgotten who really defeated the white witch, peter?
peter replies by saying they've waited for aslan long enough and they go to miraz's castle, losing th…

in the park

we finally have warm weather! as in, today i woke up really hot because there is no air on and the windows were open -- it's hot outside! and part of the reason i woke up really hot is because our power was out, so the fans weren't working, but that's beside the point.
it's been a week since i last wrote and a couple of cool things have happened, i guess.

when i upload them, i have some pictures of fancy friday to show you! it was 'f' week in our class, so when we were coming up with things to do for f, we thought of fancy friday (one of the teachers brought up the fact that during 'f' week, we were continually asking the kids for more 'f' words....). fancy friday was one of the best things we've done. the kids were so cute! boys in their ties and girls in princess dresses. we had fancy fondue and fancy manners (yes, i did actually teach my 4 yr old boys how to pull out the chairs for the girls) and even a little dancing to some fancy music…

reading this...

so, i've always loved to read. i mean, loved. stay up late at night, read while traveling (and while at work), carry a book with me at all times, etc. i've even been known to be so into a book that when i have to put it down to go somewhere, it comes with me and i read it in snippets at stop lights....
however, i've never been a big fan of reading multiple books at one time. i've always wanted to finish one book and then start a new one. that's changed recently -- i think i'm in the middle of at leadt 5 books right now. and i've got 3 more i need to start.
anyway, one of the books i'm reading is savage inequalities by jonathan kozol. it's about the public school system in america. specifically concerning urban schools. he looks a lot at the differences between these schools and their suburban counterparts, and the injustices that these urban children are facing in their schools on a day to day basis. although i'm only halfway through it, it'…

easter happiness

hello, dear friends! i hope you're having a lovely Easter! we had a sunrise service/ breakfast that was a wonderful way to begin the day that celebrates that He is risen!

and on this day, i thought i'd share some things that made me laugh as i was reading some blogs...

check out this cake wreck -- the caption from the website says: "Here we have the inspiring tale of The Chick Who Took Down Four Bunny Bullies" if you want to see more lovely wreckiness, go visit the cake wrecks's fantastic :)

and now, if you click here: baby chickens!! , you'll see some really, really cute chicks....with some stinkin' awesome names. i laughed for a long time. i'm still laughing :)

and i saw this tree while walking the other day. it's a little difficult to see, but it made me really happy. i hope it makes the person who decorated it just as happy.

and because it is Easter, here is one of my favorite songs:

I hear the Savior say, Thy strength indeed is small Chil…


so, spring arrived at the end of march, and even though it hasn't felt like it a whole lot (i mean, we've had random days here and there, but nothing consistent yet), nature is showing us that it's spring.
a lot of the streets are lined with these trees. which means they're absolutely beautiful, but don't smell so great at the moment :)

the pretty daffodils all over patterson park

and those same daffodils in the intense wind we had last weekend...

the trees outside my window

the prettiest tree around, in my opinion

and up close and personal with the petals :)
so, there it is....spring in baltimore :) i hope it's just as beautiful where you are!


so....i walked a lot today. over 5 miles (that's right. i google mapped it to figure out the distance). but it was a g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s day today. warm, sunny, a little breeze.

i went first to the library to pick up q & a, by vikas swarup, which is the book version of slumdog millionaire (which i have from netflix right now and still have yet to watch!) so far, the book's pretty good.
then i stopped by the post office and saw kristina at work on the way to the church office. then i walked to office depot and stopped by and saw lauren at work at the shoe store.

on the way out of the office today, a girl stopped me to ask what gallery church is, what we do, etc. she seemed really interested in getting involved and i gave her a way to contact us to find out more. it was a cool moment. one that would not have happened if i had left when i was planning to leave. but as i started to gather my stuff, i picked up the q & a to put it in my bag and ended up reading 3 chapters of it …

events of the last week or so

so, it's been quite awhile, my friends. here we are, in the middle of april. i can't believe it -- time flies!!
i'm not really sure where to start, so here goes...
at school, we've been preparing for passover (which started last night, and is why i'm not in school right now) and our passover program. our program was tuesday afternoon and the kids did a great job! it was so cute to hear them sing the songs ("there were frogs on his head and frogs in his bed"; "make a matzah, pat pat pat"; "bang bang bang, bang your hammers low"; "let my people go!") and to hear them repeat the story with us as we told it. after they sang, we went back to the room for food! each kid had a sample of what would go on a real seder plate, as well as lots of chocolate). here are some pics:
the seder plate

practicing just before we go onwe've been quite busy on the weekends around here...easter egg hunts, art days at pppcs, cookouts, etc. although, i…