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On My Feet, Not Yours

Do you ever look around and think to yourself that life looks nothing like you thought it would? In the last few months, I've done this over and over again.  I never thought that at 30 I would be basically unemployed, living in my parents' house, single, and without much of a clue as to what my life was going to look like in the near (and far) future. I never considered that I would be so tenuously supported, without a way to securely provide for myself in so many ways. 
My life feels so temporary right now -- temporarily living back at home, temporarily borrowing their spare car (because mine decided its life was over when I made it leave New Orleans), temporarily substitute teaching (which is, in and of itself, a very insecure and temporary job). I am waiting on so many things, but mostly, I'm waiting on a more permanent place in life. And a huge part of that is a job that provides the means to support myself, live on my own, buy a car (among other things, like a comput…