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things i'm fighting at the moment

1. a cold. or bronchitis. eh, either way i'm sick....
2. wanting to do nothing but lay around and be lazy.
3. fear.
4. the desire to eat a bunch of baked goods simply because it is the holiday season :)
5. wanting to travel.
6. wishing for things i don't have.
7. being cold....ha...who am i kidding? i'm always fighting this :)

you don't speak good....

so....lately, i've noticed that there are a lot of people who do not use proper grammar. before i go any further, let me say a few things:
1. i do not always know the correct grammar rules. ask my sister. i ask her about things all the time.
2. i understand that no one is perfect.
3. i also understand that sometimes, in certain situations, grammar rules need to be relaxed. maybe to make a point or something (or, for instance, with this blog....i don't use capitals at all and often just put sentences together with some .....).

now, to continue. i've never been one to really notice or complain about this. even if i did notice it, it woudn't necessarily make me cringe or anything....i'd just move on with my day. but goodness gracious. i've seen and heard more mistakes from people who shouldn't be making them over this last month or so. and sadly, most of them have been in a school. by the teachers. although, there was one just today that was definitely cringe-wor…

this week

a few things from this week:

1. hanukkah began on wednesday night. we have a little girl in our class who is jewish and celebrates hanukkah. she knows that i have some knowledge of judaism, and all week long she kept telling me how sad she was for me that i won't be getting any hanukkah presents, despite the fact that i told her my family doesn't celebrate hanukkah. also, while telling our class about hanukkah, i had a strong desire to sing hanukkah songs with the class. it made me miss my kids at the j :)

2. can anyone else not believe that it is december??

3. thursday night, my family went to the aso to see handel's messiah. it was wonderful and fun being with the family. on the way out however, i lost my footing on the stairs because my shoe fell off and i slid down the stairs. it is a wonder i didn't topple completely over, but apparently i slid very gracefully, with my legs tucked under me quite ladylike and all (or so i was told....)!!

4. this week at lunch, i ate wi…