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the countdown

we're about three weeks until the end of this semester. i. can. not. wait.
standing between me and two-ish weeks of NOTHING PRESSING to do are: a drive back to nola 1 15-20 page research paper 1 10-12 page research paper 1 8-10 page research paper 1 3-5 page paper at least 200 pages worth of reading about 5 journal entries lots of fun holiday things in the city two finals
and all those papers? yeah, they're all due within 3 days of each other. which basically means that once i get back to nola, i'll be going into hibernation. i have a feeling the library and i are going to be best friends at the end of these two weeks. and also that i may have to up my intake of caffeine in hopes that it *might* keep me awake. here's hoping i'll finish this first semester on campus with excellence and mental capacities that are still intact and functioning properly. :)


the entire purpose of this post is because i should be writing a paper that should be easy to write, but i'm not in the writing mood, so inspiration is slim.
it's really cold here today. and it will be tomorrow, too, but after that it's going to be warm again. new orleans is a fun city, but its weather is going to frustrate me :)
we have 5 weeks left in the semester and there is so much to do! i have 5 papers, 2 tests, and numerous books to read. that's just school work. i'll be sooo glad when this semester is finished and there's a break that doesn't involve school work to be done! come on christmas!