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granting grace, plus another list

y'all. i never thought this week would end. there was so much to do and i just didn't know how it was all going to get done. in fact, starting on sunday, i was completely overwhelmed by all that was due. and on tuesday, i felt like i was going to cry at any moment trying to get it done. because i knew that though i really, really wanted to turn it all in on time, there was just no possible way it was going to happen. i didn't even procrastinate that much (i'd be lying if i said i didn't procrastinate at all). i started to work on the first and biggest assignment awhile ago. i thought i would finish it, then do the second assignment, then do the third. haha. it came to monday night and i realized i wasn't going to finish the first paper, so i started the second one. stayed up all night wednesday night. i mean, seriously. i slept maybe 45 minutes. luckily i have a couple of amazing friends who helped me stay awake that long because they were working on stuff, too. …