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A Defining Moment

Last night I went to bed early. I ate some Ben & Jerry's "Empowermint" Democracy Ice Cream, watched part of a movie, and was asleep by 9. I've never stayed awake late very well.  I also don't enjoy watching election results come rolling in. I vote. But watching maps and percentages is both boring and anxiety-inducing to me. Plus I have 18 energetic kids with whom I spend my days and I need all the sleep I can get.
I went to bed fairly sure of one outcome.  And woke up to find that all predictions had been wrong.  Donald Trump was the President-Elect.  I was shocked. 
My heart has been hurting the whole election cycle.  Hate, division, oppression, and fear have driven so many interactions -- on both sides. Hate has been encouraged in some ways, and fear capitalized on.
We've seen exactly how divided we are as a nation.
My shock early this morning came with a fair dose of fear and grief. Fear for how free hate may be allowed to run, and grief for how so many people …