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Summer Fun (Please Help!)

This post is out of order. I have been planning a post in my head about where I am now living, and why I've moved into this neighborhood. But end-of-the-year teaching is no joke, and when combined with moving and getting to know our neighbors....well, that's where my time and energy has been focused.

So, here's the short version (long version coming soon, hopefully): In March, I moved into a neighborhood in Marietta, GA with a friend from NOBTS. She and I felt like God was leading us to live here to continue building relationships with the kids and families we met last summer. We are the decided minority in our apartment complex, which is full of Hispanic and African-American families. I absolutely love being surrounded by these people and cultures so different from my own, even though I sometimes have no idea what my neighbors are saying. We've met several kids and are getting to know their mothers and families slowly but surely.

This summer, we're planning a cou…