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a message

i've written this post off and on in my head many times. there is, in fact, a draft in the archives from october.  even now, this post will not be all it should be, but it is what it needs to be for now.
this semester was an especially difficult time. more so than i let on with a lot of people.  it's taken me places i never really thought i would go, and it's made me think and grow in many needed ways.  there is, however, a lesson i've been struggling to learn, to internalize, to really live this year (but particularly these last few months). it is a lesson that i've never really learned well, and it is a lesson that i think Someone's been trying to teach me and i simply either haven't been listening, haven't understood, or haven't wanted to learn it. 
that God made me. and He had a purpose in making me the way that i am.  He gave me specific dreams, desires, and passions for a reason.  He was intentional in creating my personality and everything a…

it's just around the corner....


i must say i cannot remember longing for summer as badly as i am right now ever in school. we are just 3 weeks away from finals, which means we're 4 weeks away from summer.
as much as i love school, i'm ready for a break. this has been a really difficult year in many ways, but one i wasn't expecting was staying on top of my work for classes. and i'm ready not to have to worry about assignments for a good long while. 
(and at the end of the summer, i'll be glad school is starting back again :)!)

but for now, there are some things i'm looking forward to doing this summer, amidst relaxing and being able to explore nola some more.
*READ. a lot. whatever i want. all the time.
*learn to coupon. i know, i know -- i just said i'm glad to stop being in school, but learning to do this will help me save $$$, and that, my friends, is quite important. 
*actually be able to start my tshirt quilt!
*for that matter, gain more experience sewing period. i haven't had a l…