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i want one of these shirts:

writing papers again? not. fun.

great stuff from world vision:

i'm ready for spring to come's soo dreary and cold here lately....yuck.

looking for a way to donate to help some people out?

when i was in nashville this weekend, i decided i kind of like nashville. people watching/encountering while walking around the downtown scene late that night was enjoyable. people are interesting.

wicked awesome calendar creator that lets you see the days getting longer:

spring break starts tomorrow at 3pm! and i'm sooo ready :)


5 days til nashville
10 days (school days, that is) til spring break
17 days til new orleans
7 weeks til classes are over
8 weeks til beck gets married (and my sister turns 25)!!
10 weeks til school lets out for the summer!

fiction frustrations

to begin with, this post is not about frustration you make up in your head, but frustration about the fictional stories (and the true ones) that we read...

i really love reading historical biblical fiction. redeeming love and a lineage of grace are two of the best books i've ever read. also enjoyable are historical fiction books about believers (see lori wick's tucker mills series as an example).

enter pearl in the sand by tessa afshar, which i found sitting on the coffee table, begging to be read.
it is a retelling of the story of rahab, the lady from jericho who saved the lives of the hebrew spies and then moved into israel after jericho's wall came tumbling down.
oh. my. goodness.
this book is simply wonderful. i read it twice this weekend (which isn't really that unusual since i've been known to watch the same movie back to back in one day). and i'm in the middle of reading it again right now. if you like redeeming love, you will probably like this book too.