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two quotes

the future is called "perhaps," which is the only possible thing to call the future. and the only important thing is not to allow that to scare you.

tennessee williams, orpheus descending, 1957

during a silly exchange at the j, in which i was insisting to one of my kiddos that i'm not ms. brooke:
"of course you're ms. brooke. ms. brooke always wears earrings."

favorite things friday

a clean apartment (which, by the way, i don't have right now)
a finished new apartment search
this quote from e.e. cummings: "it takes courage to grow up and be who you are"

i'm tired of apologizing

that title looks a little strange.
by this, i mean that i feel like i've been apologizing for parts of who i am for awhile (um...for the last year or so, at least). and trying to be someone that, well, i'm just not.
and lately, i've just gotten tired of it.
but i still catch myself doing it.
because i've also discovered (re-realized??) in the last few months that God truly made me to be who i am, uniquely me -- with likes, talents, and a personality that He created. and even if i don't always understand why or know who that person is or feel that it's true, it's the truth. He made me this way for a purpose.

why do we do this to ourselves? i know i'm not the only who does this. and if i am, well...oh well. at least i'm being honest and authentic about it.
the more we pretend to be something else, the more our soul greives. and the longer we keep up the pretense, the more we lose ourselves. because eventually, we'll forget who are and become who we…

favorite things friday

new opportunities
catching up with friends
grilled chicken sandwiches
the song "breakeven" by the script
singing at the top of my lungs while driving (or really, anytime i'm by myself)
repaired relationships
the color green
strawberry granola yogurt parfaits

pigeon love

yesterday, i was walking to my car and heard a pigeon. this is not especially unusual because there are pigeons all over the place, their presence just outside my house encouraged by the bird feeder hanging from one of the trees.
however, this pigeon caught my attention because it was loud, close and sounded strange. i looked down and saw this pigeon essentially pacing back and forth by the wheels of a car....
where his pigeon friend had been the wheel's unfortunate victim and was no longer with us. 
the pigeon was mourning the loss of his friend.
it was so sad and sweet and touching. 
i honestly wish i had had a camera to capture the moment.

but it got me thinking.
about friends, family, community, etc.
being missed.

don't we all want to be missed and mourned like the poor pigeon was?
the kind of people that make the world, our communities, our families, and our friendships better because we are a part of them?
and isn't that what we're supposed to be doing, anyway…