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It's finals time!

Which means I probably should be working on something that's, you know, due in the next week or so, but I've got about ten minutes before I have to ready myself for Bible study. So there's clearly no time to do anything productive, right? I thought so.
The fact that it is finally finals week is both good and bad. Good, because it means that the end of the semester is actually, blessedly HERE, and I'm that much closer to having a good solid month of no. work. to. do. at. all. Plus, it means that I'll get about two weeks in the ATL for Christmas/New Year's. Bad, because it means there's a ton of work sitting between me and said break.
And so, because I'm particularly good at listings, here's one that should probably interest absolutely none of you.
Things left to do in the next week and a half:

Write 4.5 book reviews for ONE weekend workshop class.
Write 1 additional paper for same said class. (Did you catch that? SIX papers for one weekend's wort…

a list that says nothing really

(i wrote this almost a week ago, but didn't have a chance to publish it. which is why some of the dates and such are off....)

so, apparently i took the summer off. 
an unplanned vacation from the blog. 
i kind of left some things hanging after the last post, i think (in fact, i know....because i had a friend email me the other day and ask me about it). 
and there are other things i could write about. 
but i'm ignoring all of that right now because i don't feel like writing that post. eventually i will come back to it. maybe next time. 

so you're getting this instead.
a post of random things.
here goes.

1. i went to the audubon zoo and butterfly garden today (for free!!) someone on campus had a ticket they couldn't use, and i had a friend who had one that expired this weekend so we went to the zoo!

this elephant kept following me when i would move...she was fun! the daddy orangutan was HUGE! the lion statue -- maybe part of me was  pretending it was Aslan from narnia :)
2. last n…


i struggle with trust.

i used to think i was a very trusting person.  and i am. if you're a stranger. i generally trust you not to hurt me.  i expect that you are safe to be around. (for the most part. though i do basically feel safe everywhere and will go places other people think will get me in trouble, and despite the opinions of others, i do have warning bells that tell me when i don't need to be somewhere. i think they just take longer to go off than with other people, or they register potential danger differently). i'm also more likely to tell someone i don't know more personal stuff. weird.
anyway, i pretty much trust most people.

and on the surface, i trust the people i know, too.  but more often than not, i'll have trouble trusting you with the big things. the things that stay inside.  that you don't really want anyone to know.  that you sometimes don't even want to acknowledge yourself. the things that make you feel vulnerable and exposed even thinking about o…

a message

i've written this post off and on in my head many times. there is, in fact, a draft in the archives from october.  even now, this post will not be all it should be, but it is what it needs to be for now.
this semester was an especially difficult time. more so than i let on with a lot of people.  it's taken me places i never really thought i would go, and it's made me think and grow in many needed ways.  there is, however, a lesson i've been struggling to learn, to internalize, to really live this year (but particularly these last few months). it is a lesson that i've never really learned well, and it is a lesson that i think Someone's been trying to teach me and i simply either haven't been listening, haven't understood, or haven't wanted to learn it. 
that God made me. and He had a purpose in making me the way that i am.  He gave me specific dreams, desires, and passions for a reason.  He was intentional in creating my personality and everything a…

it's just around the corner....


i must say i cannot remember longing for summer as badly as i am right now ever in school. we are just 3 weeks away from finals, which means we're 4 weeks away from summer.
as much as i love school, i'm ready for a break. this has been a really difficult year in many ways, but one i wasn't expecting was staying on top of my work for classes. and i'm ready not to have to worry about assignments for a good long while. 
(and at the end of the summer, i'll be glad school is starting back again :)!)

but for now, there are some things i'm looking forward to doing this summer, amidst relaxing and being able to explore nola some more.
*READ. a lot. whatever i want. all the time.
*learn to coupon. i know, i know -- i just said i'm glad to stop being in school, but learning to do this will help me save $$$, and that, my friends, is quite important. 
*actually be able to start my tshirt quilt!
*for that matter, gain more experience sewing period. i haven't had a l…


(imagine that sung in a silly way b/c that's how i said it in my head as i typed it).

i have serious motivation problems right now.
earlier today, i was rocking it when it came to writing my paper. now? complete lack of focus. 

so in the spirit of procrastination, here's a list!
1. the weather lately has been beautiful. i'm still a little burned from the saturday afternoon study session at the park.
2. 1 more month of school (approximately). praise the Lord. 
3. i'm kind of glad i haven't read or seen the hunger games. 
4. i need to put away my winter clothes. 
5. i made kool-aid today. it made me feel like a kid again.
6. the bushes downstairs smell like honeysuckle. i lean in and take a deep breath every time i walk by because they remind me of home. 

4.5 more pages and a handout to go and i'll be finished.
anyone think i can get it done by 1? 
here's hoping :)