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*i'm really, really looking forward to the baltimore book festival this weekend :)lots of books, people, authors, tours, and readings....can't wait!

*i have monday off for yom kippur. yay!

*that people of walmart website that has been floating around facebook lately? absolutely
despicable. the creators should be ashamed of themselves.

*3 words: baltimore book festival.

*fame comes out this weekend!

*i'm really ready for the weather to turn just a tad cooler.


*God loves me, pursues me and provides for me, even when i don't deserve it.

*did i mention the baltimore book festival?

mmm, the south.

it is the southern part of me which is most quintessentially and fiercely alive.
pat conroy

sometimes, living in maryland, i really miss the south. i know, i know. technically, maryland is a southern state. but it's not. it's not southern in the way georgia (or the carolinas, alabama, louisiana, or tennessee for that matter) is southern.
the accents. the courtesy towards everyone -- even strangers. the feeling of community simply because you live near someone. understanding college football. pulling over when a funeral is coming by. having a chik-fil-a within a reasonable distance (which, in actuality, i do. but it seems so far away and it's like we have to make special trips there). the importance of family and tradition.
i could go on.
then i realize that which i miss the most (outside of family and friends who are still there, because those things are irreplaceable) i have.
i have a community around me that has become like extended family. i live in neighborhoods tha…
before i begin, let me just say that on my way home from work today, i spied leaves changing color at the tips of some of the trees!

and now.
last year at the jcc, one of my favorite kiddos saw my Bible out on the "teacher table" (i had likely been reading it before the kids got there and simply hadn't put it back in my bag yet). anyway, she begged me to let her read it and to read it to her. she called it my "black book" and we read it together several times throughout the course of the year. being that she was 3 and all, i'm not sure how much she actually understood -- or even if she really knew what we were reading.

this year, i have most of the same kids in my class, which is both absolutely amazing and really weird for the jcc. the other day, this same girl up and asked me where my Bible was. out of the blue asked if i had it with me and could she read it. although i didn't have it with me that day, i told her i'd bring it with me the next day (…

ah, september

the air is cooler.
back to school.
it's football season.
longsleeves, closed toe shoes and jeans are making a come back.
the holiday season will soom be upon us.
fall scents, colors, symbols and foods are all over.

yes, i welcome you september.

by all these lovely tokens
september days are here,
with summer’s best of weather
and autumn’s best of cheer."
helen hunt jackson