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a list that says nothing really

(i wrote this almost a week ago, but didn't have a chance to publish it. which is why some of the dates and such are off....)

so, apparently i took the summer off. 
an unplanned vacation from the blog. 
i kind of left some things hanging after the last post, i think (in fact, i know....because i had a friend email me the other day and ask me about it). 
and there are other things i could write about. 
but i'm ignoring all of that right now because i don't feel like writing that post. eventually i will come back to it. maybe next time. 

so you're getting this instead.
a post of random things.
here goes.

1. i went to the audubon zoo and butterfly garden today (for free!!) someone on campus had a ticket they couldn't use, and i had a friend who had one that expired this weekend so we went to the zoo!

this elephant kept following me when i would move...she was fun! the daddy orangutan was HUGE! the lion statue -- maybe part of me was  pretending it was Aslan from narnia :)
2. last n…