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i love movies.
could watch them all the time.
as i've had some more time on my hands lately, i've seen a lot of movies on random channels that have made me say, "i love this movie! why don't i own it??"
so here's a list of movies i feel like i should own, or want to own when they come out.

*the man in the iron mask
*10 things i hate about you
*catch me if you can
*sweet home alabama
*phantom of the opera
*the count of monte cristo
*despicable me
*how to train your dragon
*streetcar named desire
*gone with the wind
*pride and prejudice (the really long, bbc one -- not the kiera knightley one)
*the pirates movies
*the bourne movies

just to name a few :)

25 things, update #3

one of the things on my list of 25 was to become less dependent on makeup (#13). another was to become more comfortable with who i am (#17).

in order to accomplish these two goals (or begin to accomplish them, anyway), i decided to give up makeup for lent. there were a few reasons i chose this specific thing to give up.

here are the reasons i wrote back during lent this year:
1. i'm not completely sure how i feel about telling young girls they are beautiful just the way they are, exactly the way God made them, when i walk around wearing make-up and not being exactly the way God made me.
2. i know that i don't completely believe that myself. i don't like the way i look without make-up on. the natural look isn't for me.
3. culturally and socially, wearing makeup is important. it seems to define us. so many of us wear it all the time that we often aren't comfortable without it - just being ourselves. and so, in some ways, makeup becomes a mask we wear. we hide ourselves b…

25 things update #2

today i'm going to update on #3: go to a movie by myself.

i've always felt weird about doing things by myself. and for some reason, going to the movies by myself was one of those things that i just couldn't bring myself to do. it seemed like the perfect way to turn something that is supposed to be fun into something that definitely isn't. seeing everyone else there with friends and families, enjoying movies together, while you are alone just invites the "why am i alone? where are my friends?" mood-killing attitude that would hinder your enjoyment of a movie. then, there's also the fact that you feel like you stand out and everyone is watching you to see why on earth you came to the movies by yourself. that's not fun.
however, while all of these thoughts are floating around in my head, i also see going to the movies by yourself as a way to enjoy your own company and a way to see a movie that maybe none of your friends want to see in the theater or have …

favorite things friday

so, i just looked at my blog and realized it has been about a month since i last posted my friday favorites list and i couldn't believe it!
however, that is because i was in nashville, then in charleston, or driving, and the other times i simply forgot.

anyway, here's my favorite things friday...

*seeing friends i don't always get to see while i'm doing said traveling
*football-shaped oreos (yep. that's right. they're awesome)
*finding new books i like
*watching movies like the princess bride or gone with the wind after a long time
*peanut butter
*fall-ish weather
*new seasons of my shows starting (parenthood last week, glee this week!)
*getting text messages from cool kids who live in baltimore, then the following phone conversations with them
*college football
*holiday-themed stuff in the stores
*hearing how my friends in places far away are doing

thankful tuesday

ugh...yesterday i certainly was having a "poor me, i'm so frustrated" kind of day.
so this thankful reminder list is definitely in order.

i'm thankful for...
1) good books
2) the beach
3) the beautiful weather we've had lately
4) friends and family

25 things.....update #1?

so, we're way more than 1/2 way into my 25th year.
at the beginning of the year, i had a list of things i wanted to accomplish this year.
and i wanted to keep updating as to the progress of said list.
i haven't.

so here's the list again:
1. re-learn to play the piano
2. read all the books on my shelf i've never read
3. go to a movie by myself
4. visit the museums in this city
5. learn to sew and knit or crochet
6. re-learn my spanish (or at least, start to)
7. cook something i've never cooked before at least 2x a month
8. start saving money
9. try to visit my friends who live in other places
10. send more cards to people
11. read one classic novel a month
12. take more pictures
13. become less dependent on makeup
14. make a meal plan every week
15. become less emotionally-driven
16. open up to those i love more
17. become comfortable with who i am (any suggestions on how to do this?)
18. read through the parts of the Bible i've never really read before
19. love others well
20. purge…


how did we get to september already?
now that it is september, that means that there are a few things to start looking forward to!

certain days:
*the first uga game...3days!
*the first day of fall....20days!
*dawn treader release...14weeks!

certain smells, sights, and sounds:
*the way the sunlight shines
*lots of fall festivals and carnivals
*delicious foods
*layers of clothes
*smells of cider, pies, cinnamon, etc...
*changing leaves

and so much more...
i love fall!