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Gilmore. Finally.

I have been a Gilmore fan since it first aired; much to the dismay of my parents I loved it from the first moment. I went through high school and college with Rory (we were the same age, after all). I own the DVD sets and have played them on repeat so many times I can't even count anymore. Most conversations prompt at least one Gilmore reference, thought, memory, etc. -- because there's always one for every moment, even if I do generally keep them to myself unless I know the other person is a Gilmore fan too.  I've loved Stars Hollow, its citizens, and the Gilmores for years. So when they announced the revival was coming, I was super excited. Could. not. wait. Scheduled it on my calendar as soon as the release date was announced. Read & watched all the interviews leading up to the day. I was so curious to see where Amy Sherman-Palladino & Co. would take these people I loved....and of course, what the conclusion was meant to be.  So not that anyone actually cares, but…