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some pics from vacation. the pier at folly beach. with the tide far out.
anna and me on the beach.a gorgeous sunrise. daddy and momma on the tea tour the little crab on caper's island anna and ray one last time on the beach. the hurricane was creating huge waves. i couldn't stop watching them. the sunset at meg's wedding. the picture does not do it justice. and finally, with the lovely bride. beck, meg, me and steph **it is really bothering me that the spacing of the pictures and words isn't working. but i've tried. i apologize.

a list

of the random things i've been thinking or have noticed.

*there are many things which i wish i knew how to do or was good at. but i don't and i'm not. i do, however, feel this urge within me to be able to do these things and/or have people think i can do them. this creates a lot of different "me's" floating around. i need to accept who i am and not try to be something i'm not. learning.

*i have a bit of an obsession with children's books. as in, when i finally get the rest of my books from my parents' house in dallas, i won't have room on the shelf for them.

*i'm 24 and i still really enjoy disney. and yes, that includes the disney channel.

*i like to organize and have a plan and clean and make sure everything has a place. i am also, however, terribly bad at keeping things organized and clean and putting said plans into motion a lot of the time. *it's going to be fall soon. how should i celebrate?*i just rearranged the furniture and books …

i'm counting down...

til these things....

uga football -- 9 days
the first day of fall -- 26 days
the first official fall weather -- ????
where the wild things are release -- 7 weeks
thanksgiving -- 13 weeks
christmas -- 4 months

for some reason...

ok, so tonight i had a meeting at work. not a big deal, right?
well, i walked out of the meeting into a thunderstorm. a bad one. with really big, scary, sinister lightning and thunder. i have a 30 minute drive home.
not exciting.
if you know me, you know that i absolutely hate thunderstorms. have for as long as i can remember. but they're a part of life. we learn to deal. and drive in them.
but for some reason, tonight, this thunderstorm had me totally freaked out. terrified something was going to happen. car wreck. run into less than nice people walking to apt from car. power outage. flat tire. lightning strike. anything. i could see lots of these scenarios running through my head.
so much so that i thought i might cry when i got home. or throw up.
for some reason, it terrified me.
but i made it, thanks to amazing grace.

my last week

this coming week will be the last week of summer camp.
which also means it is my last week of leaving the house at 7:30 or earlier everyday. my last week of being an assistant in the classroom. my last week of having my afternoons free.
it is also my last week before i go to charleston to have vacation with the family and then see meg get married!
i gotta say, i'm really looking forward to charleston. the south. the beach. the ocean. seeing my family. not missing work (we have the week off). a wedding with lots of friends.
i. can't. wait.

and also, i'm a bit attached to the twilight series now, having finished the first two books and the not-finished version of twilight from edward's pov in less than 6 hrs each. thank you tracy.

life lessons from a 4 yr old

for those of you who don't know, the kiddos i had over the school year this past year (since i've moved to baltimore) aren't in my class for the summer camp session. this was really difficult to deal with the first day or so of camp. however, it has become easier to be with a different group of kids everyday. some of this is because my old kids are in the classroom right next door to the one i'm in right now, so i still get to see them. every now and then, i'll just go in the room to say hello and give them hugs and such.
which is what i did today just after lunch. as i was in the classroom saying hello, one of the sweetest girls from the class wanted to give me a hug. when i knelt down to hug her, she turned her head and her barrette hit me right on the lip. it wasn't a pleasant sensation, but it wasn't something that was going to send me for ice, either. and it was completely an accident. i picked her up and gave her a hug and when i put her back down, the…


i read this this morning and thought it was interesting.

"all the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."
havelock ellis

food for thought.

i like this song right now...

There's a mountain
Here before me
And I'm going to climb it
With strength not my own
And He's gonna meet me
Where the mountain beats me
Carry me through
Carry me through

There's a river
Here before me
And I'm gonna cross it
with strength not my own
He's gonna save me
when river takes me.
Carry me through
Carry me through

Oh Lord be gentle
I'm just a man
Please don't crush me
With heavenly hands.

Oh Lord remember
I tried so hard
I'm walking toward
Your kingdom, Lord

There's a sinner
Here before me
And I'm gonna give them
Strength not my own
He's gonna carry me
when I get weary
Carry me through
Carry me through

Oh Lord be gentle
I'm just a man
Please don't crush me
With heavenly hands

Oh Lord remember
I tried so hard
I'm walking toward
Your kingdom, Lord

Carry me through

Lord Sweet Lord
Carry me through

my life in pictures

here are some pictures of my life in the last few weeks. simply because i don't feel like writing a lot right now.

me with sarah, the bride
two of my favorite ladies :)

my disney day outfit

love these friends! my cousins and sister :)
celebrating tracy's birthday with some dressy-ness, ra and fondue
running on the playground

another favorite friend, who's also getting married soon!
none of that is in any kind of order, but there you have it....