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When you want to scream "STOP!!"

A few weeks ago, I went to get a haircut -- an event I love because it is sooo relaxing. But it never fails that I overthink it & become a ball of  nerves. Every. single. time.

I went in and told the stylist -- who I trust because I've been going to her for a few years now -- that I wanted something a little different, with more definition & movement, and she got started. There always come a point in every hair cut when I feel like the stylist is cutting off too much. I panic and start to wonder where all my hair is going & how could I do this & ohmygosh I'm going to regret this. Didn't the stylist hear me? I didn't want that much cut off! 
This time, when that happened, I just watched as well as I  could, and while I was sitting in the chair, I started thinking about life. Sometimes life is like that haircut, and there seems to be a lot of cutting, changing, and moving that's not always easy to understand. 
Yesterday, I re-watched …