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Election Words and Loving Others

We've had some heartbreaking conversations in my class over the last few days.

(For context, I teach 3rd grade in a semi-urban school outside Atlanta, and the kids in my class are mostly Hispanic. They try to teach me Spanish on a daily basis, and I love being in a multicultural, multi-lingual place on a daily basis. It's absolutely fantastic.)

We're not having school on Tuesday because it's election day here in Georgia, so we've talked about the election. Just the basics, really -- what the election is for, how it works, who are the candidates, who is allowed to vote, why voting is important. Of course my kids have been asking who I'm going to vote for. I told them that generally we don't talk about who we're voting for, and that I didn't want to tell them who I was voting for because as their teacher, it's my job to teach them to think and make smart decisions on their own -- not copy my decisions and answers, which they understood.