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thankful tuesday

as an exercise in being grateful, i'm going to start listing a couple of things i'm thankful for at the moment every tuesday, so i present to you...

thankful tuesday!

this week, i'm thankful for...
1) spending the weekend with one of my closest friends
2) that my grandma's surgery went pretty well
3) a smidge cooler weather, because it means that fall is on its way

what are you thankful for?

a lesson in gratitude

if you read this or know me, you know that at the moment, i'm currently living with my parents, looking for a job, trying to figure out what it is that God has next for me (or where, how, etc). now, i've only been here a little while (like, barely even 3 weeks). i spent my summer agonizing over whether i was making the right decision, whether i was following God's leading or my own heart. in the end, i truly feel that i've followed God's leading out of baltimore to....nothing.
there's nothing in front of me right now. nothing except searching for jobs that don't thrill me in places that make me sigh with resignation and sifting through a bunch of opportunities that, while amazing, just don't seem quite right. in saying this i know that while it appears to me that there is nothing in front of me, God has better vision than i do and He can see what is in front of me, even if it's a long way off. but that's not what i've been feeling and thinki…

just a few things i miss about baltimore

in no particular order....
the fountain i used to see walking up lombard to my apt
walking to rita's (ok, and how yummy it was...and being able to walk anywhere period)
fell's point

i know it's silly, but this was MY tree in patterson... it's where i read, prayed, listened, basked in the warmth, was my place to go...
the gallery
the pier
the varying views of the harbor
this barnes and noble

the boats in the harbor...from the inner harbor to canton... the sight and the sounds of them <

favorite things friday

i've been silent this week...sorry...
i feel that there is a lot i could say, but no words with which to say it...
at any rate, here are my friday favorites!

*no longer living out of boxes/suitcases
*using gift cards
*discovering that i'm not the only person in my situation, or who feels the way i do
*key lime ice cream from ben and jerrys
*a working webcam!
*the "portrait of a lady" section in my real simple this month. seriously glad those fashions are coming back! i mean, don't they just look amazing??
*finding old papers and such from college, and remembering how much i loved it!
*reconnecting with people

favorite things friday

and it's actually on a friday this week!

seeing family and friends
reorganizing all my stuff, and getting rid of some of it
the sounds of summer in the south
endless possibilities (which, if i were being completely honest, would tell you that as awesome as it is, it also completely stresses me out)
reading new books
being able to watch the food network again (i know, weird...but we didn't have cable in bmore for the last few months of my time there, and i missed the food network)
old pictures

two things

i have two pictures to show you.

just seeing this bookcase makes my heart race a little. isn't it beautiful? found here

and how awesome is this idea? single serving pie in a jar! found here from this etsy store, All Jarred Up

favorite things...saturday!!

late again this week, but i was driving again due to the move....

realizing how truly blessed i am
spending time with friends
trying new restaurants
my favorite flavors being in stock
beginning a new chapter in life
a bit cooler weather
good books

confidence in uncertainty

don't we all wish we had that?
when we have no idea what is coming or where God is leading or what we are supposed to do, wouldn't it be nice if we felt confidence and peace during the uncertain times in our lives?

over the last couple of months, i've really been wrestling with some uncertainties.
about everything.
who i am.
what i'm meant to do.
where i'm supposed to be.
who God is, and says He is.
who God says i am.
the path God says for me to follow.

asking and struggling. wondering and fighting. crying and laughing. understanding and then being lost in confusion. experiencing peace and then being overwhelmed by worry.

but finally, there is a bit of an end.
because i've made a decision.
one that my soul made a long time before my head, i believe.
a decision to follow. to trust.
to be uncertain.

to leave baltimore.

looking at it through my eyes, i can't say that it really makes sense.
i have a family here.
abounding opportunities to love and serve.
a job (and right now, th…