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Summer Camp Time Again!

Friends, it's time for our summer kids' club again!

This will be the 3rd year we've been in this neighborhood for the summer, and we're excited about it!

We'll be in the same neighborhood, but we're hoping to have one day a week at the park where we have been, and one day a week in our complex. This will allow us to meet even more of the sweet kids and families who are our immediate neighbors. We're still working details out with the office, but are very hopeful everything will work out :) 

Last year, y'all were AMAZING with support and resources. I cannot even begin to thank you or tell you how much it means to have each of you behind us, praying for us, and supporting us. I've said this before, but without you, we wouldn't have been able to do this last year. All of the snacks and art supplies and books y'all donated helped us -- and continue to help us --in so many ways. Because of your constant support, I wanted to update you on this summer…

Over the Cliff

In the middle of Prince Caspian, there's a moment.
Lucy has seen Aslan, but no one else has, and Aslan's told her she has to follow, whether anyone else does or not. Fortunately, they all agree to go with her. As the set off, she's the only one who can see Him, and she's leading everyone else. 
"He led them to the right of the dancing trees -- whether they were still dancing nobody knew, for Lucy had her eyes on the Lion and the rest had their eyes on Lucy -- and nearer the edge of the gorge...for a long way Aslan went along the top of the precipices. Then they came to a place where some little trees grew right on the edge. He turned and disappeared among them. Lucy held her breath, for it looked as if he had plunged over the cliff..."
Recently, I feel as if I've been following Jesus and He's disappeared, plunged right over the cliff.
********************* Last fall, I began thinking about words for 2017. I love the idea of claiming words for certain…