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i discovered a couple weeks ago that i'm a rockstar at meeting the page length requirement for papers.....unless the paper has to be about me. all semester long, i've written book reports and lesson plans and research papers and so on. every single one of them was way beyond the required length. some to the point of spending hours just cutting stuff out while still making the paper sound good. this past thursday i had a paper due -- a personal evaluation of my field experience this semester. it only had to be 3-4 pages long. going into it, i thought it would be a breeze....tha'ts nothing. y'all. it took me forever to write those three pages. i didn't think i would ever finish, or make it to three pages. but then, i had a final due two days later, and i could not for the life of me keep it to the required page length. one page per answer....i averaged one and a half. goodness. i hope i don't have many of those personal papers to write...they might kill me!


the royal wedding

now that i've watched most of the 20 hours or so of the wedding coverage i taped, i felt the need to do a little (maybe?) blog post about it :)
first of all, the watching the crowds was fun....they were so excited! it made me wish i could have been there to feel the electricity and experience the atmosphere in person. people from all over the world coming together to celebrate love, a new beginning, restoring that which was lost. a true community feeling took over on friday. it wasn't just a wedding, but a time to come together as a people. we were part of something. something that wasn't terrible or heartbreaking, but wonderful and joyful.
i loved the anticipation surrounding catherine's dress. what will it look like? modern? traditional? who will design it? finally seeing the dress did not disappoint. she looked stunning. the dress was simple and elegant, and both traditional and modern. not over the top, but definitely a dress for a princess. in fact, nothing was ove…