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and 3 months later...

I'm not sure I'm very good at this thing (at least when I don't have something going on).

There are many posts I've started and then stopped. And many posts I've thought about writing. Or posting pictures. They've obviously never made it to the publishing phase.

Here are some random thoughts, until such a time when I can actually post something of substance.

1. College Football season is here! And September starts tomorrow. School is in. There's a distinctly different feel and smell in the air. It must mean only one thing: It. Is. FALL. Finally. I gave up on summer about a month ago. Which is a dangerous thing to do here in New Orleans, where we only really have two seasons: summer and about two days of winter (at least, that's all we got last year. It was quite depressing).

2. I'm taking Hebrew this semester. It's been interesting to actually learn how to read Hebrew, in addition to knowing some random words from when I taught at the Jewish Com…