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holiday season is here!

i love holidays.
almost all of them.

dressing up for them.
decorating for them.


one thing i love is seeing the holiday decor up in all the stores. most stores become like a little slice of heaven during the holidays for me. i'm like a kid in a candy shop.

case in point? today, i went to walmart to buy boo-mallows (yep. marshmallows shaped like ghosts and bats) for my hot choolate i'll be drinking while watching the great pumpkin tonight, and they had already started putting put the christmas candy! now, while i think it's far too early for christmas, i squealed a little inside and walked down the aisle just to be surrounded by the green, the red, and the christmas themed hersheys. and then, i turned around...and there were fall themed reeses!! (don't much as i love all of this, i try to limit my intake of the sugar).

this is the BEST time of year.

things i'm missing.

cool weather. yeah, fall. that little cool blast you gave us here in ga just wasn't quite enough.
walking. anywhere.
my kids.
strangely, the j.
a church.
not being busy.
reading aloud.
having a place to put everything.
knowing my purpose (or, at least thinking i did).
my friends. who all live too far away in other states, cities, and countries.