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i think you should know that as i was typing the title to this post, i was singing it to a made up tune in my head...
i have two papers due next week. one massive one and one that won't be so difficult. this means however, that i have less than a week to finish both of them and that means that i cannot spend any time doing anything other than work, school, or writing/researching. but. i've developed this "fall break is almost here, i don't want to do anything important right now" mentality. which is curious since i'll be doing school stuff all during fall break simply to catch up and then get ahead a little. so tonight, as i am about to get started on my work, i made a "motivation sheet!" that i can look at when i want to give up:
using that verse might be a bit of a stretch, since i doubt the writer was thinking about writing 20 pg papers when he said it, but it seemed to fit. it includes baking and crafting and spending time with people, of course...…