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i'm writing this from my apt.
we now have 24/7 internet access.
you ever just have one of those weeks? where you just don't feel right about anything? there's a line in a josh bales song that says, "something is wrong, and nothing is right." well, that's how i feel right now....

on another note, we had some serious ice and snow this week! so much so, in fact, that school was cancelled yesterday! i got a call early in the morning to let me know that we were closed. i had already been up for awhile because i could hear all the sidewalk shovelers and car scraping, and had been thinking about how difficult it was going ot be to get to work. i was not looking forward to it. but God had other plans and knew i needed the day off. how wonderful. so i spent my day trekking (sliding) around town to run a few errands and see the city in the snow. now, while it was treacherous at times to be outside, it was beautiful. i really, really love the snow.

yesterday, on my snow day, because i was up so early i read a book that i borrowed from a …

it's been awhile

yes, friends, it has. i apologize to the few of you who actually do read this....we haven't gotten internet at out apartment yet, so i only have sporadic access to the wonderful world wide web. that means my internet communication -- email, facebook, blogging -- is way behind. please forgive me.

so.....last entry i said it was cold and nasty....and guess what? it still is! we had snow mostly all day today and it's turning into ice as the night goes on. i even got a call that school isn't opening til 8 tomorrow. i think this is a big deal for the jcc because i hear that they never close, even when it's bad. and our apartment has some heating issues, so it's like a 20 degree difference between the downstairs and upstairs floors. we have to add layers when we go down and shed them when we go up :) and although i love cold weather (i know, surprising, right? the girl who is perpetually cold loves cold weather.....), i have to say that lately, i've been kind of wish…

icicles's stinkin' cold here.....and really wet and nasty. but in the midst of all the nastiness, there's some beauty. the rain froze to the trees at work last night. all day long, when i looked out the window, i saw the icicles. my very own winter wonderland. and it was beautiful.

most of you know that i'm in my new apartment. we moved in on new year's day. great time to move, right? moving is a bit stressful. no matter how many times i move, i always get stressed out to some degree thinking about everything that has to be done. and while there's still cleaning to be done (does it ever end?) and most of the walls are still bare, i think everything pretty much has a place. which is good, because i was beginning to think it never would be finished. now, to figure out when trash day is so we can get rid of all these boxes....once that's done, pictures will be posted for you to see :)

the kids at work are grabbing my heart more and more. although there are a …

new, fresh

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity..." Edith Lovejoy Pierce here we are, with a new chapter in our lives unfolding. what will it bring for you? for me? as the year 2008 came to a close and the door for 2009 opened, i found myself in an interesting place. fresh and unfamiliar territory surrounded me: new apartment, pretty new job and still new to this city (although, it's not as unfamiliar as it was...). new thoughts, questions, challenges. new friends. however, i also found myself encompassed by things of the past. old friends, which is never bad. old comforts. and also, older, drearier, worn out thoughts, habits, challenges, and questions. here i am, at a crossroads. which will i cling to? which will i head towards? will it be a journey forward, of growth, discovery, and relationships? or will i find myself turning around and heading to the past, clinging to experiences that i let define me?…