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i'm a little bored right now....
so i thought i'd share my thoughts on narnia 3!
if you know me at all, you know that i love narnia. truly. like, wish it were a real place love it. sometimes i think it would be so wonderful to walk with aslan and talk with the animals and be friends with the pevensies and prince caspian. to find a magical land through a wardrobe or a picture frame...for further evidence, see this and this.

i loved the first movie (the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe) -- i thought it was soo well done, and they followed the book really well. prince caspian was not quite as fact, i was really upset when i saw it (at midnight). i felt they had changed the book and added some stuff that was unnecessary (see those thoughts here). however, the movie grew on me, and i now love it just as much as the first one. so i was quite excited when someone decided to make voyage of the dawn treader after it had been dropped by its studio.
voyage is a wonderful …

random thoughts

1. i am soooo over winter. it's like 50 something here today and i'm done. my friend jill said on her blog:
"i don't like winter anymore.  i think Baltimore and the two record-breaking snowstorms last year did me in"....and i completely agree. bring on spring. and summer. sun. heat. outside. and soon!!
2. if you are a girl and haven't read beth moore's so long insecurity.....go read it now! changed my life. seriously, it's one of the best books i've read. and that's saying something.
3. i finally went to the eye doctor, and it's amazing what new contacts and glasses that have been adjusted to fit your head can do for you.
4. have you ever felt like there's something inside you that's trying be seen (and that you think maybe should be seen), but you can't figure out what it is or how to uncover it? yeah. frustrating.
5. i've been enjoying small bowls of whip cream with a smidgin of chocolate syrup on top -- almost like ice cream…

26 things, book reviews

a lot of my list has to do with reading. i think, in fact, there are 4 (possibly 5, depending how you count #25) that each involve reading upwards of 10 books.
i've decided that in order to keep y'all updated on the progress (if you care), i'm going to tell you a little about the book i've read. i started almost right after i wrote the list...i mean, that's a lot of books to read on top of reading all the ones i want to re-read. so here you go:

the way the crow flies, by ann-marie macdonald

y'all. i've had this book for a few years, i'm sad to say. but its description is very serious. and i have to be in the right kind of mood to read a serious novel. plus, it's super long.
here is the description on the back cover:

"the optimism of the early sixties, infused with the excitement of the space race and the menace of the cold war, is filtered through the rich imagination of high-spirited, eight year old madeleine, who welcomes her family's postin…

it's that time again!

time to turn another year older!
last year, when turning 25, i made a lot of lists of 25 in celebration. i mean, 25 -- that's a big birthday, right? and plus, i love lists :) the last list was a list of 25 things to do in my 25th year. while not everything got accomplished, it was a good project. it made me think outside the box, outside my comfort zone.
so i've decided to keep it going. some of the things i had on it last year are going to be repeated, because i do want to do them, i just either couldn't or didn't last year.
and here it is:

26 things to do this year

1. read all the books on my shelf i've never read
2. learn to sew -- which should be much easier this year, since i have a sewing machine now...
3. learn spanish (or at least, start to)
4. send more cards to people
5. read through the parts of the Bible i've never really read before
6. cook with 5 spices i've never used before
7. memorize scripture! (starting with psalms)
8. cook at least one meal from e…


it's been awhile since i last posted, simply because i really had nothing to say and there wasn't a lot going on. so i just became silent.

we've been on christmas break for the last two weeks (today was the first day back), which was wonderful. it's always nice to have time off, and being on a teacher's schedule is soo good! these last few days of the break, however, i was at passion. i have never been to passion before, and i really wanted to go this year (strangely, i've never really wanted to go before). just in case you're unfamiliar with it, which i doubt for those of you that i know read this blog, passion is a conference for 18-25yr olds, focused around making God known. the key verse they use behind the passion movement is isaiah 26:8: "yes Lord, walking in the way of Your truth we wait eagerly for You, for Your name and renown are the desire of our souls."
from the passion website: "passion exists to glorify God-uniting students in wor…