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back in baltimore

goodness gracious, time flies!
only a short time in atlanta and here i am back in the city and back to work (which i wasn't completely thrilled with, i might add).

although it's getting harder and harder to get up and go to the jcc everyday, i do it. and i did it this morning. for a grand total of 11 kids. that may sound like a lot, but usually we have 18 in our class. and some of the ones that showed today didn't show until pretty late in the day. really? what's the point? your other children are with you. why bring your 3 yr old to day care for a couple of hours? keep 'em with you. they need you. far more than you need to bring them to day care. anyway, after being gone a week, it was kind of good to go back and see the kids again. one of the girls -- who happens to be a favorite of mine, but also a troublemaker -- came in the room, peered around the adult standing in the doorway, and said, "you're back?!" and proceeded to run and give me a hug. it&#…


this week, i've had a lot of thoughts about different things and i'm not sure that i'll be able to articulate them well, so bear with me.

*i love my friends. i didn't realize how much i missed them until we all hung out last night. they are an amazing group of people and i'm so blessed :) it was good to spend time with them and catch up on life.

*technology is definitely wonderful. we can communicate with people who are far away and keep in touch with friends who don't live near us or who we haven't seen in a long time. however, i don't think that these forms of technology (phones, email, facebook, etc.) will ever replace real fellowship and face to face communication with friends and family. we were created to live life together, and while technology certainly helps us do so, it's so much more fulfilling and real when we're able to be with each other.

*speaking of being in contact with friends, have you ever had things you wanted to share with you…

this christmas....

i know i say this quite often, but there are a lot of things rolling around in my head right now. this christmas has been one of unexpected events. and these events have me contemplating. here are the events, and then i'll share my thoughts....
when i arrived in atlanta on monday, my family was waiting for me at the airport. we had lunch and headed to good old dallas. momma and i turned right back around to do the christmas shopping i didn't do in baltimore because i thought it would be easier to wait til i got to atlanta. as we're pulling into the mall, we got a call from my dad telling us that my uncle, who has been sick for awhile, was most likely not going to make it through the night. so we waited at the mall for my dad and followed him to my cousin's house, where most of the family was gathered (which is a pretty large crowd....). momma and i stayed for awhile, but as it got later (i was almost falling asleep at the table), we headed home. the next morning when we…

it's been awhile

and i apologize for my lack of writing. it's been rather busy around here, and our internet has been down for a couple of days. there have been many things i thought, "i should write about that", but it just hasn't happened, so i apologize for the mess that is likely to follow :)

the biggest news i have is.....i have an apartment! you most likely know that i've been blessed to live with the prince family since i've moved up here. they are a wonderful family and i love them! it'll be a little strange at first not living with them :) anyway, the apartment is pretty big and in a good location...within walking distance of the park, everyone else's places, the locations for church, and a lot of other things. although there are things i would change, i feel good about it.

it's been so rainy and dreary here lately. not necessarily cold, but the weather has been super nasty. today it is cold. anyway, the other day i walked to the landlord's place to tu…

for the moments i feel faint

Am I at the point of no improvement?
What of the death I still dwell in?
I try to excel, but I feel no movement.
Can I be free of this unreleasable sin?

Never underestimate my Jesus.
You're telling me that there's no hope.
I'm telling you you're wrong.
Never underestimate my Jesus
When the world around you crumbles
He will be strong, He will be strong

I throw up my hands
"Oh, the impossibilities"
Frustrated and tired
Where do I go from here?
Now I'm searching for the confidence I've lost so willingly
Overcoming these obstacles is overcoming my fear

Never underestimate my Jesus.
You're telling me that there's no hope.
I'm telling you you're wrong.
Never underestimate my Jesus
When the world around you crumbles
He will be strong, He will be strong

I think I can't, I think I can't
But I think you can, I think you can
I think I can't, I think I can't
But I think you can, I think you can

Gather my insufficiencies and
place them in your hands, place th…

fickle feelings

it's amazing how quickly our feelings can change isn't it?
i'm not talking about feelings in relationships or with friends or anything like that (although, for some people, those feelings change rather quickly as well). i'm talking about how we feel throughout the day.
these last couple of days i have been up and down so often that i'm beginning to wonder if there's something wrong with me :)
you know those days where you just don't feel right? friday was one of those days for me. and it was a pretty good day, all things considered. but i just felt wrong. in lots of ways. one of them being that i felt less like a girl than i have in a long time. is that weird? ladies, please tell me i'm not the only one who feels that way sometimes! but friday night i felt pretty good. and today, it's like a new feeling every hour. good. bad. indifferent. happy. sad. ugh. yay! i mean, it's like i'm on a roller coaster.
i'm not saying this to complain. j…

it's time...

to bake, create, get gifts for people!!
because that's what i'll be doing most of this weekend :)

i went christmas shopping last night, and didn't have a huge amount of success in the actual purchasing department, but i think i know better what i'm looking at and have some ideas. plus, now i can order online and have it shipped back home so i don't have to worry about packing it. i did walk away from the shopping experience with some stuff from michaels to make ornaments/cards/random stuff with! and a lot of it was on sale!

i booked my tickets to head back to ga. almost a full week. it'll be good to see family and friends again!

today simply didn't start off well. i couldn't wake up this morning, which is a tad bit understandable because i was subbing for the lead teacher in the room and i needed to be there an hour earlier than normal, but it was still far too difficult. it's been a bit of a dreary day, so that may have contributed. i spent the drive …

lazy sunday morning

that's what today held for me, and i'm currently still enjoying it....listening to music, a little postsecret, playing with lauren and caleb, reading, uploading's been a good day so far :)

so, last time i wrote, it was about the kids in my class and how i got bit by one of them (to which my sister asked if i'd had my shots...). well, last week was "p" week....meaning we learned all about the letter p. wednesday we had a pizza party and talked about all the different kinds of toppings we wanted on our pizzas. we turned the class into a pizza parlor for lunch. it was cute. however, forgetting that i teach at the jewish community center, i did ask the kids if any of them wanted sausage on their pizza. and yes, i was in the middle of the hallway. and yes, another teacher did hear me and said something to me. i completely forgot....oops :)
thursday i had a benefits meeting to go to, so i missed most of pajama day, but i was able to join in on the fun …

i've been bitten

and not by a vampire, for all you twilight a three year old. who threw a tantrum so bad he needed to be restrained. and while said restraining was taking place, i was bitten. and head-butted in the chest. 20 minutes later....the kid is a normal 3 year old again. we have 4 or 5 kids in our room who routinely create this kind of chaos (well, not the biting...). for a couple of them, it lasts 30 minutes and they wear themselves out. for the others, it's not so quick. it's an all day "what can we do about this?" process.
love the kids completely....despise the situations.

on another, less depressing note...tonight i got to hang out with 4 awesome kids for a little while. after we played for a bit and ater supper, the kids decided to watch a movie. so we watched an animated Bible classic of the christmas story that anna and i had when we were kids (and, as a matter of fact, still do...). and then we watched part of prince of egypt. it was cool to re-watch both a…

smiles :)

for a couple of reasons:

*it's christmas season!!
*i went to the clinic at cvs and finally got some medicine, and now i'm feeling so much better. full recovery is around the corner.
*because it's christmas season, that means it's gift-giving season! now, i know that gifts can be and are given throughout the year, which i love just as much, but something about giving gifts at christmas time makes it just a tad more special :)
*prince caspian comes out on dvd tomorrow!! ok, the fact that i'm that excited about it may make me a bit of a nerd, but i have a long-standing relationship with the narnia series. and i'm ok with that. it took me a little bit to actually like this representation of the prince caspian book (my thoughts are here....if you want to read them.) anyway, now i love it and i'm excited to be able to see it again! i woke up a little late for work. you know, the alarm went off at 6:25 and i woke up at leave at 7:25. surprisingly enou…