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and 3 months later...

I'm not sure I'm very good at this thing (at least when I don't have something going on).

There are many posts I've started and then stopped. And many posts I've thought about writing. Or posting pictures. They've obviously never made it to the publishing phase.

Here are some random thoughts, until such a time when I can actually post something of substance.

1. College Football season is here! And September starts tomorrow. School is in. There's a distinctly different feel and smell in the air. It must mean only one thing: It. Is. FALL. Finally. I gave up on summer about a month ago. Which is a dangerous thing to do here in New Orleans, where we only really have two seasons: summer and about two days of winter (at least, that's all we got last year. It was quite depressing).

2. I'm taking Hebrew this semester. It's been interesting to actually learn how to read Hebrew, in addition to knowing some random words from when I taught at the Jewish Community Center. Thursday in class we actually started doing new vocab words, some of which I already knew how to say! That was kind of fun.

3. In about 2.5 months, I get to go back to Israel (hopefully, assuming nothing escalates into Israel. I feel almost like any time you approach a trip to the Middle East, you have to do so knowing that the trip plans could change, because there's really no way to know what's ever going to happen over there). This trip is a complete blessing. It's been 6 years since I went to Israel after college, and I'm excited to be going back. I miss so much of it.

4. Often, I keep things to myself. There are many reasons for this, but I've realized that some of the things I keep to myself are things I should share with the world. Things like how God provides for me. So here are a few ways I've seen God provide for me lately:
*The other day I went to the grocery store. It was not a fun experience in several ways, and as I was driving out of the parking lot, I prayed and told God that I had no idea how I was going make it for the next few weeks (or the semester) because money is just tight (as it is for so many of us in seminary, and for so many people in general). As I was driving into seminary, I got a call from someone who needed help with their dog in the morning (someone I've dog-sat for a few times now). It wasn't going to be something that paid a lot of money, but it was something. And it was God reminding me that He is in control and taking care of things.
*Speaking of house/dog-sitting, I've had the opportunity to help out three different families in this way since the end of June. It has been a blessing, because I've gotten to spend time in houses, and not just in the dorm. Also, I've not had to pay for laundry for the last two months. This is huge!
*I've been wanting to go back to Israel for awhile, and God provided a way. Actually, He provided the entire stinking trip. Along a similar line, I love to travel, and God has given me the chance to do so more frequently lately, overseas and in the country.
*Next week is an event in NOLA called the Christian Community Development Association Conference. NOBTS is participating in their exhibit hall and as an ambassador, I've been given the opportunity to go. The CCDA was founded by John Perkins, and I love what they do. But it would have been really expensive to go as a participant, so getting to go for free is amazing. However, the Beth Moore simulcast is also going on this Saturday, and I really wanted to do that too. It was going to have to be a choice between the two. But instead, He provided a way for me to be able to do both and still get to class and work a little.

There you have it. Four random thoughts.
Maybe I'll eventually get around to posting something more worthwhile soon.

Lots of love, my dears.


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