the final list of 25 :)

so, today's the day!
i'm now a quarter of a century old :)

and to celebrate this year, i decided to create a list of 25 things to do the year i turn 25....
the list that started all the other lists....
because then it turned into a week long list-making event....
and i've loved it!
because, as you know, i love making lists.

so, without further ado, here is the last list of 25:

25 things to do this year

1. re-learn to play the piano
2. read all the books on my shelf i've never read
3. go to a movie by myself
4. visit the museums in this city
5. learn to sew and knit or crochet
6. re-learn my spanish (or at least, start to)
7. cook something i've never cooked before at least 2x a month
8. start saving money
9. try to visit my friends who live in other places
10. send more cards to people
11. read one classic novel a month
12. take more pictures
13. become less dependent on makeup
14. make a meal plan every week
15. become less emotionally-driven
16. open up to those i love more
17. become comfortable with who i am (any suggestions on how to do this?)
18. read through the parts of the Bible i've never really read before
19. love others well
20. purge my closets and apt of the things i really don't need
21. invest in those around me more
22. continue learning to follow God in every situation
23. enjoy the simple things of life
24. eat at least one new food i've never eaten a month
25. live simply and quietly

and it's over. that's the end of the lists.
i'm excited about this list of 25 things to do this year, but i think my favorite of the lists would be the postsecret list from sunday.
followed by the lists from yesterday (the random facts about me list and the smiling soul list)....
and yes....i just made a list for my lists...
maybe i have a problem?

thanks for listing with me this week!!
i hope you enjoyed reading them as much as i enjoyed making them!


Anna said…
17. Run naked through the streets.
BBMSS said…
I can help with #9!

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